Montgomery Place Community Classes

Program Descriptions

Beginner Line Dancing

This class is an introduction to Line dancing. Easy dances for new line dancers and dancers who are not yet comfortable with the steps. It is great fun especially once you get the hang of it. Footwear can be runners for now but shoes that make it easy to swivel in will be better as you progress.  Bring your bottle of water and dress in layers as you will find that your body will heat up as this is not only dance but good exercise (for body and mind). I send out the dances and videos for you to practice on your own time.  Here is a website you can check out for some dance steps

I communicate by email so make sure your email is given and legible.

Intermediate Line Dancing

Not really intermediate dances, but I used the term to distinguish the two classes.  These dances will be a little more difficult and will require some knowledge of the dance steps.  There will be turning and are somewhat faster than the beginner dances.  If you have line danced before and you feel comfortable with the dance steps, you could give it a try.  Everything is a progression and by challenging yourself you will improve.  Dances and videos are sent out to everyone and you can do what you like with them.  Use them or toss them.

Cardio Mix

Cardio Mix is an easy-to-follow choreographed group fitness class using current music.
It’s an hour long class where 30 minutes is dedicated to cardio, followed by 20 minutes of strength training using hand weights and ending with a cool down designed to increase flexibility.