Community Garage Sale

The Montgomery Place Garage Sale is a community-wide series of individual homeowner garage sales. Homeowners can set up whenever they want – some open up on Thursday or Friday. Still others stay open on Sunday. Some people open earlier and close later. But the big community-wide day is the first Saturday in May from 8 am to 4 pm.

As a general reminder, under city regulations garage sales are personal private household sales (retail sales of new items are not permitted) and people are prohibited from setting up private sales in public areas such as parks, ditches, boulevards or school grounds. Also, any homeowners or groups planning to sell food that is not pre-packaged, would need to contact Public Health at 306-655-4605 to complete a Temporary Event Application Form. There is no charge to complete the form.

Outside Business Vendors – According to City of Saskatoon regulations and licensing information, on-street mobile food trucks are not allowed to operate within residential areas unless invited to an outdoor special event. The Annual Montgomery Garage Sale is not hosted by the Community Association and is not considered an outdoor special event.
Off-street food trucks and trailers are only allowed to operate on private property located in commercial or industrial areas, therefore off-street food trucks are not allowed on private property in residential areas such as Montgomery Place.

Outside Private Vendors – City regulations prohibit people setting up private sales in public areas like parks, ditches, boulevards, or school grounds.

Household Sales – Garage sales are personal, private household sales. If you plan to sell food that is not pre-packaged at your Garage Sale, contact Public Health at 306-655-4605 to complete a Temporary Event Application Form. There is no charge to complete the form.

Charity Sales – Using private property to sell for a charity is the responsibility of that homeowner.  If you choose to sell for a charity, please ensure that all your volunteers can park their cars on your property. Selling food may be subject to visits from Food Inspectors, so call Public Health at 306-655-4605 to complete a Temporary Event Application Form.

Plan to park and walk – The City bus is re-routed away from the community for the day since roads are clogged with walkers, wagons, strollers, bicycles and even garden carts and wheelbarrows. It is almost impossible to drive down our narrow streets on Garage Sale day. Find a place to park and walk from there.

Carry a map and make a list – Dress for walking and the weather. There is no master list of garage sale addresses. You’ll have to make your own list. Carry a map which you can download here.

Pancakes for breakfast – The church in the community has participated for years – holding a Pancake Breakfast from 7:30 am to 11:30 am. Located at the corner of Merritt Street and Rockingham Avenue across from Montgomery Park, the church also has a Garage Sale.

Burgers for lunch – Scouts have also participated for many years. Find the Scouts flipping burgers at the Rec Building in Montgomery Park where Crerar Avenue meets Caen Street.

Pets – Keep your pet on a leash and bring water for it.

Since the 1980s, the Montgomery Place Community Association has confirmed the date of this long-standing community-wide sale on the first Saturday in May, while each sale is the private business of individual homeowners. 

There is also a Virtual Montgomery Garage Sale Facebook group created by one of our residents: