Councillor Hilary Gough reported that on June 25, the City received a request from CN to provide an immediate closure of the intersection to repair a cracked rail that was deemed to be emergency work. The City received no prior notification in regard to the work. The closure remained from 6:45 am to 9:45 pm. The City’s Communication team attempted to notify residents about this unexpected work including dedicated social media posts, and advanced signage (message board trailer on 11th Street at Chappell Drive) about the work. City Communications will follow up with CN to improve the ways in which similar incidents in the future are communicated to the City and our residents.

MPCA president Barb Biddle thanked Councillor Gough for her comments, while observing that the majority of residents and vehicle traffic coming from the east or west were not aware of closure until they reached the blocked intersection. Many semi-trucks going east found themselves at the closed intersection and with difficulty turned around or made their way through the community. The message board at the Chappell Drive area was not turned on for most of the day. From Circle Drive South, the complete closure of the south exit ramp on the freeway was too much. The only closure should have been the left turning lane at 11th Street, not the right lane turn. The social media method of advising residents obviously did not reach many people as most comments on Facebook indicated residents were not aware of the closure. We hope for and expect better communication with CN and the City in the future.