Starting January 4, 2016, Assessment Notices will be mailed to property owners in Saskatoon, if required.  The Assessment Notice is not a tax bill. It lets owners know the assessed value of their property, which is then used to determine how much property tax must be paid.

The City develops assessed values by using valuation approaches that are accepted within the industry.  This ensures assessments are a reflection of the fair market value on a given date.   For residential properties, factors such as location (neighbourhood) of the property, traffic patterns around the property, views, and the property structure are all used to determine an assessment value. Adjustments are also made for other factors including size, age, style, garage, etc.  Find more information on assessment here.

Since 2013, property owners have been paying property tax each year based on the assessed value of their property as of January, 2011. Province-wide revaluations take place in Saskatchewan once every four years. The next province-wide reassessment will take place in 2017, and the property taxes will be based on the assessed value of properties as of January, 2015.

The Customer Assessment Appeal Period runs January 4 until February 5, 2016.

As this is a non-revaluation year, property owners have 30 days to appeal their assessment. Customer Assessment Appeals can be made from January 4 until February 5, 2016 by completing the appeal form included with your assessment which can be mailed or delivered with the required fee to:

The Secretary, Board of Revision
c/o City Clerk’s Office, City Hall
222 – 3rd Avenue North
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 0J5

If there have been changes to a property that requires updating, or if customers wish to discuss their assessment further, they are encouraged to contact Assessment & Taxation at 306-975-3227 or visit the Assessment & Taxation office in person at 4-325 Third Ave N, located one block north of City Hall.

The City of Saskatoon collects property taxes on behalf of the City, the Provincial Government for the Public and Separate School Boards, and the Saskatoon Public Library. Each taxing authority establishes its annual budget, and after taking into consideration other sources of revenue, determines the total revenue required through taxation.

Property Tax Notices will be delivered in May 2016, once education rates are determined as part of the provincial budget.

Property owners can find useful market and assessment information about their own property by using the Property Assessment & Tax Tool located on the homepage of

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