The City’s Transportation Committee will be reviewing a report about the Circle Drive West Functional Plan – specifically the access from Circle Drive to 11th Street on Sep 6, 2022.

We are encouraging Montgomery residents to submit a letter for this meeting – even if you have already written an earlier letter or email to a member of City Council.  The easiest way is to use this form, and indicate the letter is for the Circle Drive West Functional Planning Study.

Alternately, the message can be emailed to the City clerk –  In either case, please include your name and address. Submit your letter by August 30th.

We’ve provided some wording if you would like to use this:

Dear Councillor,

I understand from our Montgomery Place Community Association that the City is planning to change the access into Montgomery Place from Circle Drive.

I wasn’t aware that this was happening and haven’t had an opportunity for comment or input. 

I am requesting that the City defer making any decisions on this project until there has been proper consultation with community residents.

Thank you,

Your name

If you have any questions call:
Barb Biddle 306-382-6774
Denis Grimard 306-221-2088

Denis Grimard