Current weather forecasts are predicting freezing rain in and around Saskatoon this evening. Tonight 15 sanders will be in operation, applying salt on priority streets and high-risk intersections overnight to prevent icing, as required. If icing occurs, sand will be applied where necessary for traction prior to peak morning commute.

Even with the use of salt and sand to prevent icing, the change in temperature with extra moisture can create icy conditions during peak driving times. Drivers are reminded to slow down and be cautious.

Mild weather around the zero mark is also forecast for the next few days, which can create a combination of icy and slushy conditions on all roads and sidewalks. Sanding and de-icing will continue Wednesday with a full complement of equipment should the forecasted weather event occur.

Sidewalk users are also encouraged to use extra caution.

Please watch for maintenance equipment on the road.  The large, slower-moving, machines used are equipped with flashing amber lights, and can be found on the road at any time of day or night.  Drivers should stay back a minimum of 15 metres (about 2.5 car lengths) from the equipment and approach slowly if passing is necessary.

Overnight snow removal along Circle Drive overpasses and bridges will continue this evening, and will be postponed if rain occurs.

When safe to do so, drivers can report icy locations to Public Works Customer Service at 306-975-2476.

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