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Civic Operations Centre on Valley Road

Valley Road on Saskatoon’s southwest edge takes people out of the city on a scenic drive that follows the South Saskatchewan River. People travel the road drive for a game of golf or some fun with the kids, to pick strawberries or buy bedding plants, for a leisurely lunch or to launch a canoe. By early 2017, Valley Road will take Saskatonians past a new facility – the Civic Operations Centre (COC).

The COC is a campus-style development on 180 acres of land located north of Valley Road as the road exits Circle Drive and just northwest of the Landfill.  Phase One of the project provides a new home for Saskatoon Transit (41,110  square metres).  It will have wash lanes and maintenance bays and room to store 224 buses indoors. The new building will also provide increased administrative, fleet maintenance, and equipment storage space. No busses will be idling outside.

A snow management facility will also be built in Phase One with improved and modernized management of snow melting operations. It will be Saskatoon’s first permanent snow storage facility, with enough space to store up to one-million cubic metres of snow. The facility will remove salt, sand, gravel and debris from the snow before the meltwater makes its way to the river. The site will have a “no tailgate banging” policy which will be strictly enforced.

Phase One of the COC project will occupy only a portion of the site, allowing room for future development. Possible Phase Two tenants include City Yards, training facilities for the Fire Department and Saskatoon Light & Power, and other civic services.  The timing and funding for Phase Two have not been determined at this time.

Traffic lights will be installed at the intersection of Valley Road and the road to the Landfill and the entrance to the COC. All buses will exit the property at this set of lights.

As the COC is a P3 (Public-Private Partnership), the contractor is responsible for updating the community on construction activities.  If residents have any questions, call EllisDon toll free at 1-866-206-5640.

History Sidebar:

In earlier days, the road through the valley was directly connected with Elevator Road which ended at the Canadian Government Elevators. It was travelled by farmers delivering their bags of grain by horse and wagon, or by the 1950s, by truckload.  It was known as the low road to Pike Lake because it followed the river valley. The high road in the hills is today’s Highway 60.

In 1946, Elevator Road formed the western limit of the new VLA development of Montgomery Place.

In 1964 the through-road from the elevator to the valley was severed by the move of the CN station from downtown Saskatoon to Chappell Yards. To curtail heavy traffic through Montgomery Place, Elevator Road ended at Mountbatten Street.  A connecting road from 11th Street to the train station was also built and named Chappell Drive.

Another new connecting roadway was built eastward, linking Valley Road with Dundonald Avenue at the eastern edge of Montgomery Place. With the completion of Circle Drive in 2013, the Dundonald connection was severed and Valley Road is now accessed from Circle Drive.

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