Discussion at the first MPCA meeting of 2017 on January 10 included:

Tax Tips – Thanks to the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for offering Montgomery Place residents a free information session with tax tips for singles, families and seniors on Tuesday, February 14, 7-8 pm at St. David’s Trinity church, corner of Rockingham and Merritt.

Frosty Fun – Join your family, friends and neighbours in Montgomery Park on Sunday, February 26, 2-4pm. The Rec Building will be open to warm up and enjoy free cookies and hot chocolate. Come to have fun in the snow and on the ice.

Rinks in Montgomery Park – The Rec Building will be open for public skating on weekends from 1-4 pm when temperatures are above -25C, including wind chill. During the week, the rink lights will be on until 11 pm each evening, but the Rec Building will not be open. The light on the skating pond stays on all night, but hockey sticks are not allowed on the pond.

New Homes and Renovations in Montgomery Place – The MPCA is exploring strategies to retain the character and history of Montgomery Place for people building or renovating their homes here. Because we live in a National Historic Site, we are exploring ways to provide guidelines to help everyone be a part of preserving the history which led to us receiving the National Historic Site designation. We have vintage homes and a heritage urban forest. Many neighbourhoods across Canada have community guidelines from which we can learn.

Civic Operations Centre (COC) – The COC snow dump began operations on Jan. 9. Buses at the COC began using the facility on Jan. 15. Noise enforcement has been promised. Call Hilary Gough with your concerns at 306-717-4533 or email hilary.gough@saskatoon.ca

Local Area Plan (LAP) – Writing has begun and will be followed by an Open House, giving residents a chance to comment on the content of the draft report. Contact our LAP planner at 306-986-1695 or melissa.austin@saskatoon.ca. A survey of Montgomery Place residents is anticipated to determine thoughts on land use of current vacant spaces.

Trains – Long trains continue to contribute to noise pollution and lengthy traffic hold-ups.

Indoor Programs – Despite the frigid cold, winter registration on January 11, 2017 was brisk. Tai Chi and Baton were cancelled.

Deliveries – Help letter carriers and delivery people have a safe path from the street to your mailbox this winter. Keep your driveways and sidewalks clear of ice and snow.

City Councillor – To subscribe to Councillor Hilary Gough’s regular newsletters, go to www.hilaryyxe.com to leave your name and email address.

Community Consultant – Élan Ballantyne reported that there is an environmental grant available that could be used to apply for funds towards LED lights at the rink in Montgomery Park. MPCA president and vice-president will investigate.

Montgomery School – The School said thank you and farewell to Principal Miranda Low on January 31 and welcomed incoming Acting Principal Dulcie Puobi and Acting VP Don Burgess. The entire school (and some members of the Blades) enjoyed two days of skating at the Clarence Downey Oval in January. Montgomery students say thank you to Mr. McAllister and his crew of community volunteers for the great ice. School break is Feb. 20-24.

St. Dominic School – No Parking signs have been put up on Crerar Avenue and parents advised to treat the street as one-way from north to south. Indoor track has started. February Break is Feb. 20-24.

Next MPCA Meeting – Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 8 pm at St. David’s Trinity United Church, preceded by the CRA event.