Discussion at the MPCA meeting on March 14, 2017 included:

Transit Changes – Changes are anticipated to many bus routes on the City’s west side. The changes will impact Montgomery Place. Hear from City Transit staff at the next MPCA meeting at 7 pm on April 11 in the Montgomery School Library.

Easter in the Park – Join friends and neighbours for activities in Montgomery Park on Saturday, April 15 from 2-4 pm. Come out to enjoy spring sunshine and an Easter egg hunt.

Montgomery Place Garage Sale – Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 6.

National Historic Site – Placement of the new sign from Historic Sites and Monuments Board Canada triggered discussion. Should the sign go near the cairn in Montgomery Park or should it go in the space at the corner of 11th Street and Dundonald Avenue at the entrance to our community? Former MPCA president Jim Earle has volunteered to join Barb Biddle, Jim McAllister and other interested Montgomery Place residents to assess the options.

Dundonald Avenue and 11th Street – Before construction of Circle Drive, the unused land at this corner had been planted with trees, thanks to the efforts of the Montgomery Place Community Association. A community welcome sign was installed. When Circle Drive construction began and the corner became a heavy equipment parking lot, MPCA members moved the trees to save them and the sign was removed and stored. The land is zoned commercial and City staff have not been inclined to release it for greenspace, despite the fact that soil contamination remains from the days when a service station was located there, and that its inaccessible location makes it a poor choice for a business.

Trains – Long trains continue to frustrate Montgomery Place residents. Noise and air pollution along with lengthy traffic hold-ups are routine concerns.

Drainage – City crews have been out pumping water from ditches and low spots.

Community Watch – Residents have reported garbage being dumped illegally, most recently in the alley between Elevator Road and McNaughton Avenue and have alerted City officials.

Indoor Programs – A number of winter programs will continue this spring including: Yoga for Stress; Multilevel Yoga; Abs & Butt; Cardio, Strength and Balance; Beginner Yoga; Intermediate Yoga; Aerobics; Zumba. Anyone with weight or fitness equipment to give away, please contact Indoor Coordinators Candace or Karen.

Soccer – Late registrations continue to come in, despite the fact that the deadline has passed.

City Councillor – Hilary Gough reported through her newsletter that the Lead Service Line (LSL) replacement program begins this summer with a goal of replacing all lead lines installed prior to 1950 by 2027. No work is scheduled immediately in Montgomery Place; first homes here were built in 1946.

Backyard Chickens – MPCA executive discussed the pros and cons of the recent citizen request to allow chickens to be kept in urban Saskatoon yards.

Montgomery School – Community veterans Robbie Harder and Bill Schmidt will be visiting Grade 1, Grade 4-5 and the Science Trek classes. Parking difficulties were exacerbated all winter by deep ditches along Currie Avenue and Ortona Street. Easter holidays are April 14-21.

St. Dominic School – Congratulations to all students who participated in the very successful Night of the Arts variety night. Easter holidays are April 14-21.

Next MPCA Meeting – Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 8 pm in the Montgomery School Library, preceded by a presentation from Saskatoon Transit.