Your neighbours at the MPCA meeting on October 11 discussed:

Remembrance Service in Montgomery Park – Montgomery Place residents are invited to gather at the Cairn at the corner of Caen Street and Rockingham Avenue a few minutes before 11 am on Friday November 11 for a short service of remembrance and respect.

Montgomery Place 70th Anniversary – Thanks were extended to everyone who contributed to the success of the neighbourhood celebration September 16-18, 2016.

Parking on Ortona Street near Montgomery School – With the new steep ditch, No Parking will be installed. An already narrow road has been made more precarious, with deep ditches and narrow shoulders giving absolutely no leeway for pedestrians or drivers. The large culverts installed in Montgomery Park have had rods fitted so that small children or pets
cannot enter them. Benches were reinstalled.

Montgomery Park Rink – After many, many hours of work by volunteers this summer, and with many dollars spent (from sponsors and the MPCA), sadly, there has already been graffiti on the boards. This is an act of vandalism. If you see suspicious activity, call the police at 306-975-8300. Residents reported that cars were also spray painted on Cassino and Dieppe.

Trains – City Councillor Pat Lorje has been speaking with CN officials and is working on a “handshake” protocol to limit the number of cars hauled to Viterra to 50 at a time.
The painful two-hour hold-up on October 1 was a triple whammy. First, the decision was made to haul 100 cars; second, the locomotive broke down; third – the engine was driven robotically with three crew on board, but no engineer. The City of Saskatoon is considering lodging a formal complaint. More bad news – CN, which now routinely runs 200-car trains on the east-west and north-south lines, is seeking to increase the limit to 400 cars.

South Berm – The hillock built between the southern edge of Montgomery Place and the Chappell Rail Yards is nearing completion. It appears to be neither a sight nor a sound barrier. ATV owners have already discovered the width of the embankment, so if anything, immediate noise will be worse. Report to the police at 306-975-8300 if you witness any vehicles there. There are also new drainage issues, and alleys that have been decimated. Montgomery Place residents along Bader, Lancaster and Cassino are acutely disappointed in this “berm.”

Indoor Programs – Registrations were brisk. Spanish for Travellers added a second class.
Baton had to be cancelled. So far, we have not found a Line Dancing instructor for the winter. Winter registration will be January 11, 2017.

New City Consultant – Replacing Karen Farmer is Elan Ballantyne. Welcome Elan.

City of Saskatoon – Southwest Transportation Study (formerly known as the 11th Street Corridor Review) – The City of Saskatoon’s Transportation Division is hosting a public
meeting to present a draft traffic plan for 11th Street and a potential 17th Street extension on Tuesday, November 22, 7 pm at St. John School. Flyers will be printed and distributed by Canada Post in early November.

Montgomery School – Extra-curricular activities are in full swing. The community is invited to join staff and students on November 9 at 10:30 pm for a Remembrance Day service. No school Nov. 10-14 and Nov. 25. Three-way conferences are Nov. 24-25.

St. Dominic School – Activities are underway, including a new Glee Club. No school Nov. 4 and Nov. 11-15. Three-way conferences are Nov. 24-25. Rink refurbishment is on the agenda of the Home & School, along with a clean-up of the aspen bluff west of the school this spring.

Next MPCA Meeting – Tuesday, November 8, at 7 pm in the Montgomery School Library.