Christmas is just around the corner. Here are a few suggestions for smart gadgets to add to your wish list this year:

Warming up your vehicle with keys in the ignition and doors unlocked makes your vehicle an easy target. Reduce vehicle theft with a remote start system which automatically turns off if someone without a key tries to drive away.

A smart doorbell provides video surveillance at your doorstep. Communicate with callers remotely through an app on your smartphone.

Update old indoor light timers with new WiFi smart plugs. They plug into an existing outlet and enable you to control plugged-in devices remotely through an app on your smartphone.

While these smart gadgets can help prevent criminal activity, a good neighbour may still be the best gift of all. Keep an eye out for any parcels left on your neighbour’s doorstep. Shovel their walks and bring in their mail when they’re away. Thanks for helping keep our neighbourhood safe this season. Have a Merry Christmas!