At the Local Area Planning (LAP) meeting in October last year, Lowell Reinhart, Storm Water Engineer, Saskatoon Water, presented an overview of surface drainage in Montgomery Place. He acknowledged that Montgomery Place sub-divisions, new builds and renovations, were completed without clear specifications for ditch and culvert requirements. Consequently, over the years, ditches have been filled in and driveways have been paved over without underlying culverts. Surface drainage in the community has been blocked and re-routed, so that the ditch and culverts drainage system today has deficiencies. Now, the City goal is to improve enforcement of City bylaws and to educate Montgomery Place residents on the requirements regarding ditches, culverts and surface drainage.

The first 5-6 metres (20 ft. or so) from the road to your property is on the City’s Right of Way, which includes the drainage ditches. Our driveways are built and culverts installed on City property. A permit is needed to build a new driveway. In Montgomery Place, every driveway needs a culvert as outlined in Bylaw 8987 – the Storm Water Bylaw, and Bylaw 4785 – Private Crossing Bylaw. The maximum driveway width and culvert length along the City Right of Way is 6 metres – wide enough to accommodate a two-car driveway.

It is the responsibility of Montgomery Place homeowners to keep the ditches and culverts clear in front of their property. General maintenance of culverts is required, such as keeping the entrance
and the entire length, free and clear of debris. Use a leaf blower. Use a pressure washer.
At the meeting a year ago, when it was recommended that we avoid “storing” snow in the ditch, residents replied it is City graders that plow snow from the road directly into ditches. Visit online at under “driveway crossings” for City advice.