Drainage Project Update

City Consultant Shane Carter

Shane Carter reported in October 2021 that “The City was waiting on confirmation of Federal funding in order to proceed with our procurement. This delay was approximately 4 months. The successful Contractor was not finalized until mid-June. 

The late award subsequently delayed the start date of the project. At this point in time the total scope of work wouldn’t be able to be completed in the remaining 2021 construction season. The decision was made to push the more critical water main work to 2022; proceeding only with the storm sewer pipe installation in 2021. 

The storm sewer pipe material required for the project was not readily available due to a worldwide resin shortage caused by COVID-19 and catastrophic weather events along the Texas Gulf Coast. 

The construction of the storm sewer was pending until the pipe material could be acquired. The pending date reached a point that the storm sewer installation could not be completed in the 2021 construction season. At this point the decision was made to also move the storm sewer construction to 2022. 

Service connections are currently being replaced and will continue to be replaced as long as the weather permits. 

Tree removals are also planned to take place. Once a firm schedule is set, a construction notice will be sent out to the affected residents. 

Although it may seem that some things have returned to some sense of normalcy, we also have to take into consideration the impacts COVID-19 has had on industry supply chains. I know many residents have been patiently waiting for this drainage work to be completed, and your continued patience is greatly appreciated.”