Look out, Montgomery Place – the heat is coming!

Extreme heat affects different people in different ways, and for some, it can lead to illness or even death.  To learn how to best protect yourself and help others during extreme heat events, check out this helpful guide:

Health checks during extreme heat events | National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health | NCCEH – CCSNE

The last page in the guide also has great advice on how to cool down, like sitting with your feet in cool water. 😊

Also, a map of “cool down locations” around the city can be found on this website:

Saskatoon Housing Initiatives Partnership (shipweb.ca)

This map is updated regularly, as cool down locations are added.

And if you want to stay informed on this and other urgent issues affecting our city (e.g. tornadoes, blizzards, city-wide service interruptions, hazardous material spills, etc.), consider signing up for Notify Now:  notifynow | Saskatoon.ca

Stay cool, stay safe!