In 1956 the first pack of Cubs sponsored by the Montgomery Place Recreation Association was formed by Montgomery parent Harry Wiggins, followed by Boy Scouts, Brownies and Girl Guides. Montgomery leaders over the years included Nina Dennison, Grace and John Hyde Sr., Al and Robbie Harder, Vicki Kinash, John Sawatsky, Ron Harvey, Lloyd Strouts, George Humphrey, Tom McAdam and John McInnis.

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2019 Ventures Year End Trip

The Montgomery Venture Company (youth aged 14-15) set out on an adventure into the north country of Saskatchewan.  The group planned extensively for many months in preparation for this adventure including fundraising, arranging tours, budgeting and reserving camping spots along the way.  The plan was to bike from Saskatoon to north of Big River (a total distance of 340 km) over 5 days then set out on foot to a remote backcountry location on the shores of Sled Lake.  Safety was a primary concern while on bikes so the Ventures had a parent volunteer follow along behind them each day, once safely off the highway the Ventures were on their own to set camp, cook and explore their surroundings. 

The Ventures set out on the biking portion of the trip on July 6, 2019.  

Day 1 Leaving Montgomery

The 1st day included 90 km of biking with a stop to tour the Dukhobor Dugout Houses near Blaine Lake. 

Day 1 Camp at Blaine Lake


Day 2 Rest Stop

Day 2 was a shorter bike ride of only 60 km trip to Shellbrook, once settled into a campsite a round of golf was the activity for the day. 

Day 2 Arrived in Shellbrook


Day 3 tested the group with a long bike ride through wind, rain and heavy highway traffic. The group made it into Big River and set up camp on the shores of Cowan Lake.  After preparing their own meals while on the road they took a well needed break and had supper at a local restaurant in Big River.

Day 3 Big River


The morning of day 4 included a tour of the Carrier Forest Products sawmill followed by a shorter 50 km bike ride to the very north tip of Cowan Lake. 

Day 4 Mill Tour

The Ventures arrived at the campground with plenty of time left in the day for a refreshing swim and some fishing.

Day 4 Arrive at Cowan Dam


The 5th and final day on the road was a short 35 km bike ride, this days challenge was dealing with a gravel road (Secondary #924) which is frequented by logging trucks. 

Day 5 Last Day on Bikes

Arriving in the Hamlet of Sled Lake was a great accomplishment as the first portion of the planned trip was in the books. The group spent the night in a back yard and explored the community.  

Day 5 Arrive in Sled Lake

The morning of day 6 the Ventures did some community service work by splitting a winter supply of firewood for Sled Lake’s oldest resident, Harvey is 82 years young and still living independently.  An early supper then packing up of camp was followed by hiking an old logging road then a very soggy bush trail to an abandoned trapper’s cabin on the remote shores of Sled Lake.  Two days of backcountry camping allowed for plenty of time to fish and rest weary muscles. 

Back Country Camping

Day 8 the Ventures loaded their gear into canoes and paddled their way back to the Hamlet of Sled Lake. The Advisors (aka leaders as Scouting has different terminology in each age group) of the group prepared the Ventures an evening meal that included of a fresh fish fry and supper served on real plates!! 

Arrive by Canoe back to Sled Lake

Sunday morning camp was packed for the final time and the Ventures were headed home, this time in a vehicle!! The above undertaking by the Venture Company took more than planning…it takes many fundraised dollars to keep 7 young men safe and well provisioned while on excursions. After a trip full of adventure…experiences were had, skills were learned and life long memories were made.  

The entire 51st Montgomery Scouting family wishes to thank the community for the ongoing support of our youth groups.  All Sections including Beaver, Cub, Scout and Ventures of the 51st Montgomery Scouting Group are active within the community on a regular basis…we are thankful to be a part of the development of tomorrows leaders.