The City has started the installation of 250 bicycle parking systems in the Riversdale, Downtown, and Broadway areas.  The new systems are primarily designed to be used as bike racks, but some will also serve as convenient places for the public to sit and rest.

The bike racks are an innovative reuse of the parking meter posts remaining after the introduction of the City’s new FlexParking Pay Stations and removal of the old parking meter heads.

Triangular steel frames have been added to the meter post for securing bikes.  In a few locations, a bench seat and small table top will also be included.  The goal of this project is to promote active transportation and to provide more attractive options for moving around our city.

The first 10 units will be installed by the end of today, Wednesday, September 16, 2015, in the following locations:


  • 801 Broadway Avenue
  • 639 Broadway Avenue


  • 247 1st Avenue North
  • 119 3rd Avenue South
  • 259 2nd Avenue South
  • 201 3rd Street East
  • 311 23rd Street East


  • 339 Avenue A South
  • 137 20th Street West
  • 220 20th Street West

The remaining 240 systems will be completed by the end of 2015:

  • October – installation of 40 units
  • November – installation of 100 units
  • December – installation of 100 units

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