Fourth Local Area Plan (LAP) Meeting – Montgomery Place

10 October 2015 – St. David’s Trinity United Church lower hall

Attendance – Another large group attended the  4th Montgomery Place LAP consultation directed by City of Saskatoon planners.

Agenda – Agenda topics included: 1. Drainage; 2. Bylaw Compliance.

City of Saskatoon – Representing the City of Saskatoon were Konrad André, Ellen Pearson, Lowell Rheinhart and Jo-Anne Richter.

Drainage – Lowell Rheinhart presented an overview of surface drainage in Montgomery Place, acknowledging that property sub-divisions, new builds and renovations that have been approved at City Hall for years were permitted without clear specifications for ditch and culvert bylaw requirements. Consequently, over the years, ditches have been filled in, and driveways have been paved over without underlying culverts. Surface drainage in the community has been blocked and rerouted through these actions so that the ditch and culverts drainage system today has deficiencies. The City goal is to improve enforcement of City bylaws and to educate Montgomery Place residents of the requirements regarding ditches and culverts and surface drainage.

A permit is needed to build a new driveway. City staff must be more aware that in Montgomery Place, every driveway needs a culvert. A lack of enforcement of this bylaw has brought us to the situation today. Enforcement of Bylaw 8987 – the Storm Water Bylaw and Bylaw 4785 – Private Crossing Bylaw will improve in the future.

Avoid “storing” snow in the ditch, Rheinhart recommended. Open your culvert in the spring. Visit online at under “driveway crossings” for more advice.

Lowell Rheinhart said it is the responsibility of Montgomery Place homeowners to keep their ditches and culverts clear, regardless of the fact that ditches are City property. Of the 600 or so driveway crossings inspected in Montgomery Place in the last few years, at least 50% were found unacceptable.

It is the Montgomery Place homeowners’ responsibility to keep the entrance to their culverts, and the entire length, free and clear of debris. Use a leaf blower. Use a pressure washer. With a heavy snow cover in winter, comes a heavy run-off in springtime and the consequent potential for flooding.

In 2009, Lancaster Crescent and Haida Avenue both saw improvements to upgrade drainage there.

Discussion – Residents immediately observed that City staff also needed an education on surface drainage in Montgomery Place. It was City staff who did not enforce bylaws and educate homeowners to the special drainage requirements in Montgomery Place. What about snow in the ditches? It is City graders that plow snow from the road directly into ditches observed other residents.

  1. Zoning Bylaw Compliance – Community Standards Division staff Jo-Anne Richter that the top five common complaints are: 1. Site use; 2. Dwelling units; 3. Site development; 4. Parking; 5. Other concerns. She said as the City grows, complaints have increased.

Concerns identified in the Montgomery Place survey of residents included:

  1. Storage of Vehicles – Vehicles must be stored on a hard surface, not the front lawn. There are restrictions on commercial vehicles.

  2. Recreation Vehicles – RVs can be parked in the front yard, but only on a hard surface and 1.2 metres back from the property line.

  3. Storage on Property – Front yard storage is not permitted. Sea cans are not permitted except during a move or renovation – and then only for specified periods.

  4. Accessory Buildings – Accessory buildings are for the use of residents, for their “comfort, convenience or necessity.” Residents should not be repairing other people’s vehicles in their garages or shops.

  5. Home-based Businesses – There are home-bases businesses that are prohibited in residential areas, such as veterinary services including boarding and grooming, vehicle repair or cleaning services, businesses that require commercial or industrial equipment on site, any retail business. Standards for home-based businesses state only one commercial vehicle should be on site. There should be no outdoor storage of materials. Businesses must see no more than eight clients per day. Vehicles parked on the street are subject to Traffic Bylaw 7200. Call 306-975-8344 to report infractions. For property maintenance such as weeds, garbage and junk, call the Fire Division at 306-975-2828.

Discussion – Bylaw compliance is complaint-driven. There are four bylaw inspectors, so the process is not fast. There is an online complaint form.  A user –friendly guide to bylaws is in the works. Uninsured vehicles should not be parked on the street. Can accessory buildings be bigger than the principal main residence?  No, but this will be discussed at length at the next LAP meeting.

Wrap-Up – Thanks were extended for the active participation of all. Next meetings are:

November 19, 2015 – St. David’s Trinity United Church – 7 pm – Fifth LAP  – topics include land use, zoning and infill.

December 8, 2015 – St. Dominic School auditorium – Second traffic meeting