Municipal Heritage Award 2020

In the spring of 2020, Montgomery Place was awarded a Municipal Heritage Award in the Education category at the Honour level. In a letter to the MPCA, members of the Municipal Heritage Advisory Committee wrote: “The judges commented on the impressive commitment by the community to ensure the history of their neighbourhood is not lost. They also recognized that through ongoing upgrades to the site, events and activities, the momentum continues.”

Three levels for awards are given, the highest being Honour, making an exceptional contribution to the promotion of heritage conservation in terms of education and/or volunteer public service. The second level of Merit is for making an important contribution. The third level, Recognition, acknowledges accomplishment.

A letter supporting the MPCA application from historian and writer Ruth Bitner stated:

“MPCA is keenly aware of the community’s place in history and has demonstrated, in both tangible and intangible ways, a strong commitment to ensuring that history is not forgotten. Even as times change and most of the original veterans are no longer living, their descendants often find themselves drawn back to Montgomery Place, attracted to the sense of community they experienced growing up. MPCA seeks to ensure that newer residents too, understand and appreciate the community’s Second World War
heritage and encourages a sense of belonging.

Evidence of the MPCA’s volunteer initiatives include the creation of a memorial cairn in 1989, installing street and park name signs that bear witness to their wartime origins, Association President Barb Biddle’s three year research to identify every veteran who lived in Montgomery Place, fundraising efforts to erect the monument upon which the names of those 569 veterans are inscribed, organizing the annual Remembrance Day service that takes place in the Park followed by a community gathering in St. David’s Trinity United Church, collecting photographs of veterans who lived in the community, conducting heritage walks for school children and others, producing a community history and timeline, maintaining a community website, publishing a monthly newsletter, and supporting other educational initiatives in the two Montgomery Place schools. Seeking and achieving National Historic Site designation was a major accomplishment. All these efforts require strong commitment and a huge amount of volunteer hours.

MPCA and its volunteers work for Montgomery Place out of love for their community and a desire to honour the veterans who established it after the Second World War. Giving selflessly of their time and talents, MPCA deserves to be recognized and celebrated for its commitment to preserving the community’s unique history in Saskatoon and encouraging its sense of place.”

Montgomery Place residents today recognize the special nature that expresses our sense of place and community. Preserving and celebrating the legacy of our Second World War roots defines us today and into the future.

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