The City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) are again joining forces to crack down on speeding in residential neighbourhoods as part of the Residential Speed Management Program. This second phase follows an introduction earlier this year which featured a six week public awareness campaign and increased enforcement in areas where driver speeds had been identified as problematic by members of the public.

“With the information we have gathered from the first phase of the program, we have identified the locations that have the highest number of speeding offences,” says Angela Gardiner, Director of Transportation. “Police have returned to the high offence locations in an effort to slow drivers and make roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.”

The neighbourhoods to be targeted in the two week blitz include Hampton Village, Confederation Park, Pacific Heights, Silverwood Heights, Stonebridge, Montgomery Place, Dundonald, Mount Royal, Hudson Bay Park, Greystone Heights, Westmount, and Lakeview.

“Residential speeding is of particular concern given that these roadways are often shared with pedestrians and cyclists, and are in proximity to community gathering points such as schools,” says Gardiner. “For this reason, police have zero tolerance when it comes to residential speeding.”

The locations that resulted in the highest number of tickets during the initial blitz include:

Hampton Village McClocklin  Road, east of Junor Avenue


Confederation Park Confederation Drive, south of Massey Drive


Pacific Heights Diefenbaker Drive between Mowat Crescent and Douglas Crescent


Silverwood Adilman Drive between Russell Road and Silverwood Road


The speed limit on all city streets is 50 km/h unless posted otherwise. Speeding tickets start at $120 and go up $10 for every 10 km/h over the speed limit.

As well as the increased enforcement, the program aims to increase public awareness by using tools like informational brochures and print advertising with messages around reducing speed.

For more information on the Residential Speed Management Program visit and search Safe Driving.