Private Property Maintenance – LAP Recommendation 5.1

By Holden Blue, Neighbourhood Planning, City of Saskatoon

In the May 2019 newsletter, information related to Home-Based Business Regulations in Saskatoon was distributed to residents of Montgomery Place in response to a recommendation from the Montgomery Place Local Area Plan (LAP). As a follow-up, the material below will provide residents with facts on property maintenance and nuisance issues and how to report a bylaw violation.

The Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw (No. 8175) is in place to provide for proper maintenance of property and the abatement of nuisances, including property or things that affect the safety, health and welfare of people in the neighbourhood, or affect the amenity of a neighbourhood. A few sections from the Property Maintenance and Nuisance Bylaw relating to common concerns have been summarized below:
• No person shall cause or permit any land or buildings to become untidy and unsightly due to graffiti or the accumulation of new or used lumber, cardboard, paper, newspapers, appliances, tires, cans, barrels, scrap metal or other waste materials or junk.
• No person shall cause or permit any junked vehicle to be kept on any land owned by that person.
• Any building materials, lumber, scrap metal, boxes or similar items stored in a yard shall be neatly stacked in piles and elevated off the ground so as not to constitute a nuisance or harbourage for rodents, vermin and insects. Any of these stored items shall be elevated at least 150 mm off the ground and shall be stacked at least 3 metres from the exterior walls of any building and at least 1 metre from the property line.

The bylaw also states that a yard shall be kept free and clean from: garbage and junk; junked vehicles and dismantled machinery; excessive growth of weeds or grass; holes and excavations that could cause an accident; an infestation of rodents, vermin or insects; dead or hazardous trees; and sharp or dangerous materials. Additional information on Property Maintenance can be found at

Registering a Complaint with the City of Saskatoon – The City and residents need to work together to ensure bylaw requirements are understood and maintained. If you are impacted by a bylaw violation, please bring the issue to the attention of the City by phone or email. Complaints received by the City are kept confidential. All complaints are investigated by a Bylaw Officer who will conduct site inspections and will take necessary action to resolve the matter if a bylaw contravention is discovered. It is important to note that different bylaws have different enforcement measures and that some problems are easier than others for the City Administration to address.

Complaints regarding property maintenance, including long grass and weeds, junked vehicles, unkempt yards, and safety concerns should be submitted to the Saskatoon Fire Department at 306-975-2828. All other complaints or concerns, including home-based businesses, parking concerns, site use or illegal suites should be directed to Bylaw Compliance at 306-657-8766. Residents may also complete an online form on the City’s website to report a Bylaw Infraction at