Can you see the geese in the sky? Thank you Montgomery Place. We are a community established by veterans; we are a community that remembers our roots and shows our gratitude as we meet in Montgomery Park every November 11. This year, under a sunny sky, with no snow underfoot and geese flying overhead, we assembled to remember and be thankful. Members of 38 Signal Regiment 4 Squadron joined us for the first time. MP Sheri Benson and MLA Danielle Chartier laid wreaths on behalf of Canadian and Saskatchewan veterans, along with Carole Sedgwick (Veterans of Montgomery Place), Don Leier (Korean Veterans), Scouts (Children of War), John Bradley (Peacekeepers), Lee Jones (Protective Services), John Crawford (Project Ploughshares) and 38 Signal Regiment 4 Squadron (Canada’s Department of Defence). Thank you to the St. David’s Trinity United Church folk for their hospitality and to our talented Community Cookie Crew for the delicious cookies, coffee and hot chocolate. Thank you to Dan Antymniuk , Rev. Bill Unger and a special thank you to Lesley Tyler who plays the Last Post and Reveille. Lesley grew up in Montgomery Place; the notes of her trumpet across the clear November air add a poignancy to the service every year. Thank you to all who attended the service. And thank you to the veterans and to those who lived through war so that we could enjoy the lives we have in Montgomery Place today.