Canadian National recently advised the City to expect over the next few weeks more train activity along its rail line from the north City limits to the 11th Street-area rail yard. CN notified the City it will reroute five trains per day through Saskatoon because of construction on other rail lines outside of the City.

The rail company says this will double the number of trains on the line each day, which may cause delays from five to ten minutes at each intersection crossed.

Specific times for these trains are not available; however, CN informs the City additional trains will be almost twice as long as usual along this line.

The additional trains will travel south, over crossings at the following high-traffic intersections:

  • 71st Street
  • Marquis Drive
  • 51st Street
  • 33rd Street
  • 11th Street

The trains will slow down as they approach 11th Street to change tracks.

Saskatoon Transit may experience some delays on Route 9 and its service to the North Industrial Area.

The City, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific continue to look at strategies through the City’s Rail Working Group to minimize delays at key rail crossings throughout Saskatoon.

To speak to a Canadian National customer service representative, please call 1-888-888-5909.