Do you remember how much fun playing hockey or skating on an outdoor rink is?

Is this a memory you would like your children to have?

If you answered yes to these questions you can become a community hero!

We are need of a rink coordinator this year to keep our ice surfaces in great shape for the community to use. The Rink Coordinator works with our rink supervisors to make sure we have a safe place for people to enjoy ice sports during the winter.

The responsibilities of the rink coordinator are:
1) Prepares the rink surface.
2) Floods the ice on a regular basis.
3) Cleans the ice surface and snow removal.
4) Repairs minor damages at the rink.
5) Coordinates the rink schedule and advises Communications Director of public skating times.
6) Works closely with rink supervisors and monitors activities during public skating.
7) Prepares and posts rink rules.

This position can be shared among a couple people if need be.

The responsibilities of rink supervisors:
1) Opens and closes rink shack according to preset time schedule.
2) Ensures preset rules are carried out.
3) Delivers key to next supervisor as instructed.

If you can be this community hero please send us a message! If we do not find this community hero we will not be able to have an ice surface this winter.