The recent derailment north of the City at Wanuskewin Road has brought the precarious position of Montgomery Place into the spotlight for many residents. We are bounded on three sides by rail lines. What is the emergency response plan in case of a hazardous rail spill? MPCA executive members are investigating.

Why, we all wonder, do trains have to come past our community at morning and evening rush hour? We all have stories of being late for work, school or appointments because of inopportune waits for trains.

Why do they stop completely, blocking the intersection and adding to our frustration?

Why do rail barriers malfunction? Recently railway guard rails have come down when no train is in sight. Understandably, those drivers caught behind the faulty arms were frustrated. How do we reach CN or CP immediately to alert them to the malfunction, get it fixed, and get traffic moving again quickly?

The best answer we’ve found is to call Saskatoon City Police at the non-emergency phone number – 306-975-8300 – to report the malfunction. The police have the appropriate CN and CP office numbers to call and report the problem.