The first Montgomery Place Community Association meeting of 2015 was held in the Montgomery School Library on January 13, 2015.

Montgomery Park Rinks – Huge thanks were extended to the student volunteers who are looking after the community rinks in Montgomery Park. Thanks as well to adults from the Scouting movement who have also helped out.

Local Area Plan – The LAP process has been delayed until the end of this year.

North Ridge Parcel – Barb Biddle noted that development will begin soon in a 6 ½ acre plot at the west end of the parcel on the 3200 block of 11th St. W.

Noise Pollution – Noise is a perennial concern in our neighbourhood. The traffic noise from Circle Drive has added to the surround-sound in Montgomery Place.

Light Pollution – Promises were made when the Cypress Gardens apt. complex was built that roadways would not interfere with homes on 11th St. Now, the steady stream of cars that turn out of the complex constantly light up the homes across the street with their headlights.

Roadways – Apparently some residents, frustrated by the cul-de-sac at the east end of the original 11th St., have made their own roadway over the curb and directly onto the 11th St.-Dundonald Ave. intersection. Others have taken to driving the alley between the 3100 block of 11th St. and Caen St., then cutting across the vacant lot on the corner to access the intersection. City rep Karen Farmer will report these actions to City staff. On the matter of speed, MPCA Vice President Ben Schmidt continues to research costs of portable speed signs.

Traffic Study – Remember that MP traffic will be studied soon. What and where are your concerns? Speed seems to concern a majority of us. A recent visitor to our neighbourhood (who happens to be a civil engineer) was flabbergasted that, with our narrow roadways and lack of sidewalks, our speed limit was so high. He claimed that a posted speed of 50 km was too high for these conditions. We agree.

Neighbourhood Fun Night – Social Affairs Director Trish Schmidt is considering an evening of outdoor skating and tobogganing, hot chocolate and a warm fire for families, friends and neighbours in Montgomery Park. Stay tuned.

Community Classes – Thanks to Darla Klassen for a great line-up of community classes.

Montgomery School – Thanks to the young fellows taking care of the nearby rinks. Students are grateful. We’re collecting donations of skates (at the school) for students who have none. Thanks for the increased use of the school for MPCA community classes. Extra-curricula activities abound, including a Be the Change Club devoted to acts of kindness. Thanks to everyone who donated to the Book Drive Jan. 26-30. Enrollment sits at 276 students K-8.

St. Dominic School – A Kindergarten Open House will be held on Feb. 4.
The school now has an AED machine installed near the gym entrance.

City of Saskatoon – Karen Farmer reported that in late May 2015 the City will update all residents on “We are changing!” concerning the growth and development of Saskatoon. Remember that the cross country ski trail at the Holiday Park golf course is free. A free Family Skate Day is planned for Feb. 16, 2-4 pm at the Clarence Downey Oval or at the Cosmo Civic Centre if weather is bad.

Next Meeting – Tues., Feb. 10, 2015 at 7pm – Montgomery School Library. All are welcome.