The Montgomery Place Community Association (MPCA) met on June 5 for its regular meeting before summer vacation. Discussion at the meeting included:

Paddling Pool in Montgomery ParkClick here for hours. Closes for the season August 24.

Throws Pentathlon – On Saturday, September 8, Olympian Margaret Tosh has organized a Throws Pentathlon for Master athletes from across Saskatchewan, aged 52-81 years. The event gets underway just after noon on the concrete pad west of Montgomery School, although younger athletes will throw at the site in the morning. Five implements are thrown: hammer, shotput, discus, javelin and weight. Bring your lawn chair and get ready for some impressive displays of athleticism.

MPCA AGM – The Annual Meeting of the Montgomery Place Community Association is scheduled for Tuesday, October 2, 7 pm in the Montgomery School Library.

MPCA Bylaw Review –  Proposed amendments will come up for a vote at the AGM on October 2.  Click here for more info.

Rink in Montgomery Park – Jim McAllister will repair rink boards and build a new gate at the rink this summer.

National Historic Site – See the National Historic Site marker installed at the cairn and monument in Montgomery Park at the end of June.

Local Area Plan (LAP) – Mark Emmons and Keith Folkersen are making progress drafting the Montgomery Place LAP. Click here to see their report.

Community Watch – Garage, vehicle, shed and yard break-ins seem to be more frequent this summer. Click here to see MPCA Community Watch Coordinator Heather Chapman’s report outlining a new Community Watch Facebook group.

Speed Board – The board was installed in the 3100 block of Mountbatten Street in June.

Work in the Neighbourhood – As outlined at the City meeting on June 7, roadwork on Dieppe, Caen and Rockingham has been underway this summer. Power upgrades, ditch reshaping and transit stop improvements were other jobs forecast for the summer.

Indoor Programs – Fall Registration September 5, 6:30-8 pm – St. Dominic School gym. Click here for list of classes. Contact us with questions.

City of Saskatoon – Division of park responsibilities between the City and MP residents was clarified. Apparently the City does not clear deadfall from natural bush like the aspen bluff in Montgomery Park. That said, apparently there is a 13 year cycle for pruning. Since the park was last pruned in 2010, we can look forward to another pruning in 2023. That leaves the question of dangerous deadfall and what residents can do about it. The Community Association is responsible for weeds or grass growing in the rink area. The skating pond is a City responsibility. We send another thank you and farewell to Elan Ballantyne. We appreciated her viewpoint and counsel at our monthly meetings.

Trains – It seems that no one is tracking trains… how many pass by our community daily, how long the wait time for each train is. We still have no phone number to call when delayed by a train crossing 11th Street or the Circle Drive off-ramp.

Montgomery School – School is back September 4.

St. Dominic School – School is back September 4.

Next MPCA MeetingTues. Sept. 4, 7 pm in Montgomery School. All residents welcome.