The Montgomery Place Community Association (MPCA) met on March 6 for its regular meeting. Discussion at the meeting included:

Garage Sale – The first Saturday in May (May 5) is scheduled for our annual Garage Sale Day.

Montgomery Park Rink – We owe a huge thank you to Gord Irvine, Jeff Edmonstone and Hunter Macnak for their care of the rinks this winter. Without such talented and dedicated people there wouldn’t be any skating or hockey in Montgomery Park. Thank you to Jim McAllister as well.

Indoor Programs – Programs are going along well. If you have ideas for new programs for kids or adults this fall, please email with your suggestions. Remember, since nobody stepped forward to volunteer as Soccer Coordinator, soccer players can contact Parkridge, Fairhaven or other communities to join one of their teams.

MPCA Bylaws – A committee was formed to review the Montgomery Place Community Association bylaws. Barb Biddle, Jim McAllister, Pat Lorje, Fred Ozirny and Connie Bailey form the team.

Community Watch – The Montgomery Moms Facebook site alerted members to vehicle break-ins at 2 am on March 4 in the 3300 block of Dieppe Street. Hopefully, the City Police were also alerted. We hope more Montgomery Place residents will consider joining Community Watch.

Dogs and Cats – One more time. Please keep your pet on leash and pick up after it. We’ve had reports from residents that calling Animal Control at 306-384-7297 has had little success.

MPCA Facebook – Check the MPCA Facebook for community news, and join our Facebook group to post or find out about the latest lost and found items or pets in Montgomery Place. A post that sparked discussion recently was the dog sled, reaching over 5000 people. Thank you to Jessica Leith for submitting the photos. The Garage Sale post netted the most hits, reaching over 70,000 people in just a few days. So far, 6,100 responded “going” or “interested”.

Local Area Planning (LAP) – Planners for the Montgomery Place LAP are Mark Emmons and Keith Folkersen who will draft the Montgomery Place LAP document. Contact Mark at 306-975-3464 or Keith can be reached at or 306-986-1690. The first sections of the LAP were emailed to a host of residents for review.

Perennial Complaints – Trains, noise, speeders and irresponsible pet owners.
Tailgate Banging and Loud Braking at COC – Despite assurances that it would not happen, Montgomery Place residents are complaining of loud tailgate banging as well as retarder brake noises from trucks dumping snow at the new snow collection area at the Civic Operations Centre. Call 306-975-2476 with the time and date of your complaint.

City of Saskatoon – Farewell and best wishes to Chelsie Schafer who has been transferred. As a temporary fill-in, Shelly Panko Schultz reported on grants available and deadlines for submission. She also promised to check into the routine for street snow removal. Yes, the bus route and school zones are priority, but can’t all Montgomery Place streets be graded since our pedestrians have no other place to walk?

Montgomery School – No school April 2-6 for Easter Break.

St. Dominic School – No school April 2-6 for Easter Break.

Next MPCA Meeting – Tuesday, April 10, 2018 – 7 pm in Montgomery School. Note the change of date due to Easter holidays in the preceding week. All residents are welcome.